Among the biggest questions I am asked by wedding planning couples is “when to send wedding invitations” to make sure we do not insult anyone?

It certainly helps to know when to send your invites, so you are not leaving it too late for guests. Nevertheless, knowing when to mail your wedding invites helps you plan when to order them (or when to start the crafting process in case you are making them yourself.)

When to send wedding invitations?

The generally accepted etiquette…
The generally accepted’ correct’ time to send out wedding invitations to your guests is actually 6 8 weeks before the wedding date yours.

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When to mail Save the Dates?
Save the Dates may be delivered to your guests approximately six weeks before the wedding date yours. This might be earlier for a destination wedding (up to twelve weeks in case it is REALLY far away and folks have to save up), or perhaps later on for a local wedding (no later than four weeks before your wedding).

When to send out wedding invitations WITHOUT Save the Dates?
If you do not intend to send Save the Dates, you might send out your wedding invitations a bit earlier – especially if you are planning a wedding where folks have to travel. I would suggest as much as four weeks before the wedding party.

Wen, to send wedding invitations for a destination wedding?
If you’ve sent out Save the Dates in advance, then your wedding invitations should go out as soon as you’ve even more info on the venue and travel needs for the guests of yours. I would suggest 4 6 months in advance to allow your guests to make the travel of theirs and accommodation arrangements.

The simplest way to communicate your wedding travel details is to get a wedding site or even include an info card in the wedding invitation envelope.

At what time is too early to send wedding invitations?
One question I see a great deal is actually, “can I send wedding invitations early?”… So, how soon can wedding invitations go out? I say this a lot, but it is true – there’s no wedding police. Sure, there are often accepted etiquette around when to mail wedding invitations. Still, nobody will arrest you if you go against these! So, send out those wedding invitations whenever you feel like it.

At what time is the appropriate time to send wedding invitations during Covid?
Another question I am getting more nowadays is actually “when is actually the very best time to send wedding invitations during Covid?”. The best advice of mine is usually to get your wedding invitations out sooner rather than later – I would say 3 6 months in advance, where possible.

My reason for this’s due to changing Covid restrictions; you might not be clear how many folks you can have in attendance on the day. For that reason, start with the’ core’ folks you know you want to share the day of yours with and send the invitations to them.

After they reply (and some may drop as they are uncomfortable attending a wedding in these times, which is actually understandable), you can expand the in-person invitations to the’ next round’ of guests.

The point is when planning a Covid wedding, you have to be aware that until the very day of your wedding, restrictions can change on a whim. The guests of yours will understand this, so they will be very understanding no matter how many weeks before wedding invitations are actually received.

When to order wedding invitations?
This totally depends on (I) what kind of invitations you are having and (ii) when you plan to post your wedding invitations.

When you are making your own invitations or perhaps putting them together from a kit that you have purchased, I would recommend ordering the invitations of yours AT LEAST three months before you intend to place them in the mail, giving you lots of time to really make them.

When you are ordering them from wedding stationery, then you would generally have to allow as many as eight weeks from ordering to receiving them.

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