The worldwide automobile rental market is actually booming with growth opportunities popping up from the tourism sector, the increase in the urban population, the growing economy, and the increase in disposable income. Nevertheless, like other on-demand service businesses, the automobile rental arena is actually home to cutthroat competition impelled by changing consumer behavior. It has piled pressure on businesses, especially those with large fleets of automobiles, compelling them to re-engineer their workflows.

Fortunately, technology has given birth to efficient automobile rental software that simplifies, automates, and enhances automobile rental management. So, in this guide, we will reveal the twenty best automobile rental software solutions you need to be using in 2020. We have looked under these platforms’ hood to lay bare their weakness and strengths if any. The aim is usually to enable you to find a software application that will lower maintenance costs, cut the time spent on admin tasks, and increase efficiency.

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Features To Look For In A Car Rental Software

Presently there are actually many issues besetting automobile rental companies, problems that will just be resolved by automobile rental software, most of which possess the attributes of fleet management software. Most people feel that these tools can help such organizations in the daily operations of theirs. So what constitutes these problems? The following are actually problem scenarios and what automobile rental software can do about them. What things should one look for in an automobile rental system? All of the following is actually a guide on what features such a platform should possess:

Booking Made Easy. Problems normally associated with traditional systems affect automobile rental firms and their clients alike. Bookings are often made over the counter, requiring clients to go to the company’s premises and book a ride. With automobile rental solutions, customers can make bookings directly from the company site, making the process much easier. This results in a richer customer experience and therefore repeat business.

Additionally, proper routing ensures that every booking is responded to efficiently, considering both scheduled and custom timings. Consecutive bookings have to be managed so that hassle-free travel is actually attained with minimum downtime at all.

Car Rental Tracking. One of the leading problems besetting the automobile rental sector is actually vehicle theft. The car rental program can track lost automobiles, allowing companies to monitor both outgoing and incoming units. Apart from this, users may also see if a car is in use although it’s not booked. Another advantage is the power theirs to detect speeding, which is among the major causes of vehicular accidents. Owners are actually alerted to improper use of their automobiles, which may lead to the collection of fees from the offending party.

Inventory Management. For small automobile rental businesses, managing fleet inventory may well not be as complicated as growing companies. As automobile fleets grow, so do the inventories theirs, resulting in mix-ups concerning vehicle availability. This’s very relevant to companies that have multiple fleet locations. Imagine how a customer would react if the vehicle provided to him/her is not what was ordered? Inaccurate service leads to disgruntled customers, and that is not good for business.

Driver Management. For buyers that are renting an automobile, automobile rental software eliminates the trouble of late drivers. This’s made possible through GPS tracking, which locates drivers and helps customers track arrival time. It also works for drivers as they can likewise locate customers.

Real-Time Reporting. Car rental firms have to know exactly where their vehicles are actually at any given time. Popular automobile rental solutions can provide users with real-time reports, including bill covers and details, vendor details, duty registers, and chauffeur reports. For taxi companies, areas with high demands at certain times can also be highlighted in such reports.

Driver-Passenger Communication. In the automobile rental business, communication between driver and passenger is actually critical. Lack of communication can end up in passengers having to wait for their rented automobiles. Communication facilitates timely arrivals and order confirmation of vehicles. With automobile rental software, communication begins the minute a booking is actually made, with drivers and passengers all playing their parts.

Revenue Management. Managing the income of automobile rental companies that operate hundreds of units can give executives undue headaches. These earnings have to be successfully managed so that accounts can be correctly balanced. It is a great thing that automobile rental solutions are capable of managing all transactions, recording them so that they can be very easily accessed. Transactions can likewise be tracked remotely for user convenience.

Security and e-Wallets. The acceptance of e-wallets as a payment method continues to develop. Most customers choose to pay using e-wallets since they’re easy and efficient to work with. Nevertheless, automobile rental companies must be sure that their solution provides ample security. E-wallets have been known to be vulnerable to attacks, resulting in customer losses.

The interface is Intuitive. It does not matter how effective a piece of automobile rental program is whether it’s tough to work with. Navigating a platform should be easy enough to prevent user confusion. Several of the most popular apps in the market are actually known for ease-of-use both for automobile rental companies and customers. A system must have the ability to accomplish communication, billing, and booking with just a couple of taps.

Mobile Optimization. At a glance, this might not seem as important to automobile rental firms like some other features. Nevertheless, for customers, this’s a deep concern. Mobile applications are actually known to accelerate the learning curve, especially for customers, allowing them to learn the app independently. Additionally, mobile optimization allows users to use a solution from anywhere at any given time.

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