The centerpiece of Christmas decorations is actually the tree. It is time to purchase the best Christmas tree, and some alternatives are lots of. Many families buy a Living Christmas Tree each year and plant it after the holidays. This’s a pleasant way to recall certain Christmases for years to come.

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Care Inside The House
At Willow Ridge Garden center, we’ve found that Norway Spruce make probably the best living Christmas tree. They transplant well and tolerate being brought into the home for a couple of days. When bringing your balled and burlaped tree into the house, you will need a large waterproof container. Situate it out from heat ducts. The tree needs to be watered every few days, and placing a few handfuls of ice cubes on top of the root ball is actually a simple way to keep it moist while in the house. We recommend not leaving the tree of yours in the house for much more than 5 7 days.

Care Outside The House
The live tree should be planted quickly after the holidays. This may be a family learning experience! Dig your hole approximately six wider than the root ball but no deeper than the first soil line (the top of the root ball). With the burlap and string still on, place the plant into the hole, leaving the root ball a few inches above the soil line. Cut the string from around the trunk and pull back the extra burlap and trim it off. Mix some soil conditioner (finely ground pine bark) with the soil you dug out of the hole and then backfilled with the mixture, lightly tamping it around the root ball. Water your tree well, so it’s prepared for root growth this winter. Apply a 2 3 layer of mulch around at soil level.

Norway Spruce makes a great evergreen privacy screen, a huge corner yard accent, or an excellent windbreak. They grow 35-50′ tall and 25′ wide at maturity, so plan accordingly when locating this tree in the yard. Large evergreens are going to attract wildlife and are actually invaluable to birds year-round. Many birds will nest in it, seek shelter in it, and feed on the seeds from the cones theirs.

Environmentally speaking, a LIVING CHRISTMAS TREE is obviously the best tree choice. You ought to think about using and planting a live Norway Spruce this holiday season and enjoy it for many years to come. The earth thanks you, your yard thanks you, your future self thanks you! Visit Willow Ridge Garden Center today to pick out the next great tree of yours.

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