1. For a pay-as-you-go approach to motoring
Typically, an automobile is going to lose value from the day you take ownership. This means you’ll be having to pay for it twenty four hours-a-day, 7 days a week, whether you’re using it or perhaps it’s sitting idly by the edge of the road. As outlined by the RAC, the average depreciation for a new automobile in 2007 was only under £2,500.
With automobile rental, you pay to use the automobile when you want it.

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2. To cut the cost of motoring
Car ownership means paying for all servicing, maintenance, tire replacement, tax, insurance, cleaning, and MOT. In 2007, the RAC put the average yearly cost of keeping an automobile on the road (excluding fuel) at £4330.
These costs are actually included in your basic automobile rental quote, which starts at as little as £30 each day.

3. To drive the newest models
You cannot beat that new automobile feeling, but very few folks can afford to purchase a brand new automobile every year. The typical age of automobiles on European roads is 8 years of age.
The average rental automobile is under 8 months old.

4. Because it is time to downsize

A supermini for nipping around a people carrier along with the city for those longer family trips at the weekend. But can you afford 2 automobiles – is it economical to run both?
Why not get rid of the next automobile and then make use of a larger rental vehicle for the occasional weekend away or perhaps trip to the furniture store.

5. To clean up the act of yours
Lots of vehicle owners want to do something about their road transport-related CO2 emissions. They’re ready to walk, cycle, or perhaps use public transport to replace a great deal of the journeys theirs, but realize that an automobile is actually crucial for some trips – maybe that family holiday or perhaps visit the in-laws at Christmas.
The average rental automobile produces approximately 157 g/km of CO2, well below the 164g/km produced by the average automobile registered in the UK in 2007. Plenty of automobile rental companies provide a range of low emission automobiles, including the petrol-electric hybrid Toyota Prius and the Golf BlueMotion. Some rental companies are going to let you offset the emissions associated with your automobile rental.

6. For the convenience
Vehicle hire is actually fine for individuals that arrive at an airport or perhaps live near a rental branch, but what about everyone else? Let’s say you want an automobile or perhaps a van at short notice, or perhaps for a short time?
Car clubs are actually great for shorter journeys and work well in urban areas since they enable folks to book vehicles at a couple of minutes’ notice and pick them up from local parking bays. Conversely, for a small fee, rental companies will now deliver a car to the door of yours and collect it.

7. Because a train does not always take the strain
Rail transport can be cheap, stress-free, and quick, but there are often when a last-minute booking ends up costing you an arm along with a leg, or perhaps engineering works double the length of the journey yours.
Hiring a larger automobile to make friends or even family on a journey can usually be cheaper than the train, especially at peak times. As per DEFRA figures, the average train produces CO2 emissions of around sixty g/km per person. If 4 folks share a rental automobile with average emissions of around 157 g/km, the individual carbon emissions of yours will be much lower!

8. For the ultimate test drive

An automobile is among the priciest purchases you can make, and making the wrong decision could be inconvenient and costly. Many choices are derived from a single trip to a showroom, several review articles, or perhaps a ten-minute test drive.
In case you want to know whether an MPV or perhaps an estate is actually probably the best automobile for you, why not rent both car types first and try them out over the course of a weekend or perhaps overnight? The study indicates that rental experience has a significant effect on consumers’ choices when purchasing their own vehicles.

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