After you have done initial strategic planning and determined which channel your small business fits into, you can move on to the practical part of digital marketing, that is, with the implementation of actions.

There are three ways in which digital marketing for small businesses can be implemented:

1) Internal solution – this is one of the best options to consider, given the costs, some companies end up preferring to create their team, training employees. That is the case of digital marketing for small businesses is a very viable option.

2) Hiring freelancers – this is the option to outsource the work, or also a part of it, with the hiring of freelancers to carry out some specific actions.

3) Hiring an agency – this is the first option for some digital entrepreneurs, the disadvantages are that the cost involved in this solution most often exceeds the budget available for small businesses.

Regardless of the decision chosen for your small business, it is important to have professionals who are qualified, so that your company has relevance to the point of competing with the competition, and that it will present real results, after all the objective is to pour the results of digital marketing in measurable results.

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