Preserved roses are great gifts, you are able to ‘preserve’ your memories and these do not require too much effort but just basic maintenance and precautions. Lets’ look below into the tips which answer the question how long do eternal roses last?

  • Keep Forever Roses Indoors

Varying climatic conditions outside may cause a detrimental effect on the life of preserved roses. These include high or low temperature, strong winds, high humidity or extremely dry conditions, and even stray animals or pets who may want to eat or just use them as a toy. It’s better to keep the forever roses here to find out more about  eternity rose

  • Keep Forever Roses in a Secure Place

Certain places in our homes like kitchens and washrooms may have excess humidity or heat. Eternal roses should not be kept in these places. This excess of heat and humidity will be detrimental to the life of preserved roses, so avoid keeping them there. Keep them in the living room, bedroom, or workplace at room temperature.

  • Do Not Keep Them in Direct Sunlight

Forever roses are re-colored with the help of natural colors during the preservation process. Long and regular exposure to direct sunlight may bleach and fade the colors with time. It may also dry the roses and petals may crack because of that. Do not keep the preserved roses near windows or other openings which expose them to direct sunlight. Better to keep preserved roses in glass vase in shade.

  • Avoid Keeping them in harsh Artificial Lights

Today’s workplaces require to be lighted up with bright harsh lights. These bright lights are hot and will dehydrate the preserved flowers and may cause cracking in the petals. There is also the possibility that you or some co-worker may accidentally knock them off from the work station and it could damage the flower as well as the costly vase it was being kept in. If you want to put your preserved roses in the office, go for a forever rose in water globe display. This is a display with better stability. Do take care to place them where they are not exposed to harsh lights for extended duration and are not prone to falling off from a height.

  • Avoid extreme variations in temperature

Keeping preserved roses near AC vents, above working fireplaces, or under the direct path of fans may damage the flowers due to sudden rise or fall in temperature or due to direct and strong air-flow from the fans. By not keeping your preserved roses near these objects will ensure they do not suffer the effects of temperature variations and retain their beautiful look.

  • Avoid Spraying Them with Water

Forever roses should not be sprayed with water. This will again lead to losing their color, structure, and shape. Just keep the preserved roses in glass vase in which they originally arrived.

  • Avoid Spraying Them with Chemicals

Don’t substitute water with cleaning sprays while following the above-mentioned tip. The chemicals in the cleaning sprays contain potentially harmful substances which certainly will damage your flowers.

  • Do Not Press, Fold, or Crush the Petals

Forever roses are natural and real flowers even if they are preserved. They have the same delicateness as fresh roses and the same rules for caring apply to them. If you put anything on top of them especially heavy objects, you may squash them. If you crush them, fold the petals, or press them they may get destroyed, just like a fresh flower would. It is better to keep forever roses in glass displays in which they arrived instead of taking them out and fiddling with them. Also, take care to not put anything on top of the roses.

  • Avoid Physical Touch While Cleaning

If your preserved roses are displayed openly or even in a display that is half-open, the flowers as everything else will tend to gather some dust. For aesthetic purposes and for their longevity they need to be cleaned regularly. So instead of touching them with hands, get a soft brush or a specially made flower duster to clean them. Or use a blow dryer with cool air instead. But do not use it with hot air. It will inevitably destroy the flower.

  • Use White Cloth for Cleaning

While cleaning the preserved roses, use a white-colored soft cloth. Do not touch them with brightly colored clothes or let them get in contact with other brightly colored surfaces, these may stain the flowers.

  • Keep Them in The Original Display Case

Forever roses being premium come in beautiful and attractive display cases. These beautiful boxes are made of acrylic, wood, or glass. Some may be closed and some may be half-open. It is better to keep the forever roses in their original displays which look particularly appealing, a special design being forever rose in water globe, closed and without any water. Do ask for that when you visit your neighborhood florist.

  • Handle with care

Be careful while carrying forever flowers especially forever rose in glass bowls. Both of them are delicate and fragile. Also, keep the lid on the flower box instead of opening it frequently. Treat them like the precious things of art they are and they will be fine.