Many people enter your home during a move, both where you are and where you are going. You also frequently travel great distances. With the majority of your belongings packed, how do you maintain hygiene and preserve your health during a move? Follow these instructions: Flyttetjenester i bergen

1. Keep some general supplies handy:

Keep tissues, sanitizers, wet wipes, handwash, a duster, a mop, hand towels, and any other necessary cleaning supplies close at hand. Do not pack it up. After the movers have packed and left, you will need it to deal with spills, dust off some dirt, and clean up. If you are not leaving immediately after the movers, you will need to sleep in a clean home.

Maintain personal cleanliness even when traveling:

You must take care of yourself so that the process of settling in after the move is easier. Follow these tips for maintaining personal hygiene when relocating:

If you are traveling a great distance, bring a change of clothes.
Continue to wash your hands and face.
Carry a small deodorant or perfume.
Do not share towels.
Carry baby wipes and a roll of toilet paper if you will be driving on highways.
Keep drinking water.
Carry a toiletries kit for travel.


Employ professionals:

Engage professional cleaners to perform a thorough cleaning of the new residence. They will clean every nook and cranny, so you won’t be exhausted from cleaning. They will also disinfect the entire residence to prevent the spread of microbes. As a gesture of goodwill, do the same for the residence you are leaving. Flyttetjenester i bergen