Since the beginning of 2022, we have noticed many new trends that have taken over the e-commerce industry. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers’ shopping behaviors have drastically changed, which allowed the e-commerce industry to blow up in many beneficial ways. In fact, the e-commerce industry is expected to reach $5.4 trillion by the end of this year. As the e-commerce industry improves, likable trends improve with it.

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Augmented Reality Commerce

Augmented Reality Commerce, also known as AR Commerce, involves implementing 3D replicas of products to be viewed in “real life” at their actual size and scale by displaying them on your phone’s camera.

This trend has benefited many consumers in the decision-making process, as it allows them to be able to visually imagine themselves with the product, like clothes, accessories, makeup, or furniture, and helps them come to a concrete decision of making a purchase or not.

The earliest form of AR commerce that became very engaging for consumers are filters/lenses features that can add images to the camera display screen either on Snapchat or Instagram. This trend has been very successful at engaging audiences via social media platforms as they became very popular very fast.

Snapchat includes a great feature where users have access to a variety of unique filters. For instance, the iconic ‘dog’ filter, a pair of dog ears and tongue that moves in and out of the mouth, the ‘baby’ filter that changes the appearance of your face to a baby face, and much more.

Over the last few years, AR Commerce has advanced to benefit many retail industries, like IKEA, where users have access to an app that allows them to browse for products and select items, they would like to purchase all through the app. This boosts the productivity of engagement and sales within the company.


With the dramatic growth of e-commerce businesses comes added competition in the market. As a result of e-commerce becoming more and more saturated, businesses are moving to hyper-personalization for their customers.

This is done in various ways but most commonly can be seen as unique “product recommendations” for every individual that has browsed their site in the past.

This feature allows companies to stay on track with the similarities and interests of their target audience; therefore, providing you with thorough data that specifies personalized product recommendations. Furthermore, these outreach efforts are what separate you from your competitors. Performance based marketing agency