Car rentals have grown to be an essential part of holiday travel. Cab rental giants as Enterprise, Zoomcar, and Hertz have revolutionized the whole scenario by providing quick, convenient, and affordable transport systems.

Analyzing the sites of several of the most popular automobile rental companies from across the world, we observe that each has some defining structure that grows into that specific company’s characteristic. While one has an easy date picker system for quick bookings, the other has featured plans for different vehicle types; still, another has flexible drop-off options.

Top fourteen Features of a Kickass Cab Rental Website

#1 Easy Bookings

This’s, obviously, the most basic and the most critical of the core requirements. The booking process is actually the heart and soul of the automobile rental site; that it needs to have a user-friendly booking interface is actually a given. This includes a clear description of several automobile types available as per the number of folks, separate pricing plans for members, special offers, the corresponding fare, easy date, time, location picking options, and an accessible call to action.

In case a user must create an account before booking the cab, the registration forms must be brief and to the point; long-winded forms are actually a huge no-no. One of the things that serve automobile rental sites is actually allowing bookings in time that is real and for advanced time periods. Depicting the accessibility of the different automobiles on a monthly interface can help users select the preferences theirs from the pool and reserve dates easily.

The main point here is. Actually, the interface should be concise and crisp so that there’s no scope for misunderstandings and booking a cab becomes possible painlessly and quickly.

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#2 plans that are flexible

Maintaining flexible plans for bookings, like one-way trips, long-distance, and local packages, helps the customers choose one according to their convenience. Providing redundant extras is actually an exercise in futility, one for which the customer won’t be prepared to pay.

Another alternative is usually to customize fare plans for the holiday season and offer various discounts and coupons that the customers can cash in later. Though this’s a lot more helpful for long-distance travelers, fares may be decreased for premium members around the holidays too.

#3 Mobile Ready

The maximum percentage of rental automobile users book automobiles over mobile phones, generally via mobile apps available for each business. It is then imperative for rental sites to be responsive to cater successfully to the whole potential market.

Integrating a mobile app is much more effective, as customers then don’t have to keep logging in to their browsers to use the site. Nevertheless, making the site responsive makes it compatible across all screen sizes, thus facilitating smooth bookings at home and the go!

#4 Recommendations and User Feedback

Adding a personal touch over and above the dry, factual content of the available automobiles and fares can be made using recommendations. Set up templates and featured displays for the first time and recurring users highlighting recommended travel booking plans. This may be generalized for newbies based on their requirements, such as long-distance journeys, area attractions, and so on.

Data could be compiled from their previous booking preferences for regular users, and a plan suggested accordingly. It will help users narrow down their choices easily, cutting through the tedious process of selecting each element of the reservation one after another and generates a sensation of confidence in the company, as the site helps them avail of probably the best possible options, thereby boosting the chances of a confirmed hire.

The other factor which can promote conversion rates is actually User Feedback. People today tend to research the automobiles they’re hiring, particularly if it’s for a prolonged time. It’s, hence, a great idea to display genuine user reviews on the site, attesting to the quality of the company’s vehicles and service, which assures the potential clients of yours of its authenticity.

#5 Quick and Secure Payments

The site needs integrated, secure payment gateways that let users complete transactions quickly, in a hassle-free manner. For aggregator models, it’s possible to offer optional cash collections. The user pays the cab driver directly upon fulfillment of the journey; the company takes its cut together with the driver’s commission.

Because of the amount of online criminal activity prevalent today, maintaining the most stringent security standards is actually obligatory for integrated payment gateways. It helps to display PCI Compliance certifications as well as the other quality assurance checks to prove the genuineness of yours, to set the customers’ minds at ease, and assure them that they’re not being swindled.

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