A heel could be way too high. Do not copy what you see on the catwalk. There’s nothing less attractive than a female who cannot walk in the heels of her. As a matter of fact, 120mm shoes can be harmful to you and can certainly result in injury!

Shop for shoes at the end of the day. You really should just be looking for shoes at the end of the day when your feet are actually swollen. That is a great way to get a size that fits you well.

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Invest in the shoes. You do not have to wear custom shoes, but always make sure you’ve great shoes along with a good bag, as that is all you need. Bad shoes are going to ruin the feet of yours so you would better invest in them.

Try on 3 sizes before you buy. Better be safe than sorry, right? Various brands have different sizes. So use the size you normally wear and try one size larger and one size smaller to make sure you choose the proper size.

Comfort is much more important than looks, No matter how pretty they’re. So in case, you cannot walk in them, do not buy them.

Choose one attention grabber. If you put on a simple outfit, a stand-out pair of shoes will lift your outfit off. But in case you use an over the top dress, keep it simple with a standard pair of heels

Pick the right balance. When you wear a heavily layered look, try a thicker heeled shoe to keep things in balance. And also, the other way around, when you are wearing a flowy skirt, a thin-strapped sandal could be more appropriate.

Females have a special connection with their bags and shoes. They’re accessories we are going to wear from the time we’re young until we’re old. Bags and shoes can do a great deal for our outfits and even affect the way we think about ourselves. Nothing can compare to an impressive brand new pair of shoes or even a gorgeous new bag. But not all of us are professional stylists, and choosing the right shoes to go with our wardrobe might be a tough task, based on the event.

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